Loving God in Every Way

Matthew 22:37 “Jesus said to him, You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind.”

After the second Sunday I woke up to the reality that I am no longer a student, within the campus, surrounded with friends. But I am now on internship and a Pastor.

Lying on the sofa reality hit me hard with great panic. Staring at the wall – blank and thinking what i’m going to do? There is no one around to call or text for chit-chat. No coffee haus and I am alone in the house. What I am going to do? For the first time in 20 years i have nothing to do. Rest where almost being lax is not part of my vocabulary. For a moment I was thinking ok, I can go to internet cafe and play or facebook but after its still nothing. I know it will not compensate to an idle day. So i thought of strolling around on the famous boulevard and i thought at 9am? are you kidding. Next hmmm why not look for someone to spend time sms. Sure it will kill my idle time. As the list of what should i do came into my mind, suddenly I was reminded by the Holy Spirit in one of the Youth service where Ptr. Bernie talked about the “Fall of David” where in his idle time he was tempted and led to sinning. I was recalling then what i was thinking to spend my idle time I knew in my heart it will lead to falling away. Then the verse came alive to me Mattew 22:27.

So I went into my room and pick up my bible and for the whole week while waiting for ministerial duty and functions I started reading again the Word of God starting from Genesis and finished until Nehemiah. It daunt on me that if I haven’t truly love God I will not be eager to pick up, study and meditate on His words. How easy one will fall just because of how we spend our idle time. I learned how to occupy my idle time and make it very fruitful. God is indeed good.


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