Shower’s of Blessing

Philippians 4:19 “And my God will supply all your needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus.”

The last week of July 2013, have been one of the most memorable faith event for me. The wisdom of man indeed is so limited and God is just magnificent. God just showed me what does it mean by showers of blessing. As far as knowing that God equipped those He calls, He surely and faithfully provides.

Prior to this week, I was feeling so downcast and sad. I become worrisome and minding where my money is spent. Making sure that I still have something in my purse for Sunday morning. My savings have been used up and salary is never making ends met. Human promises which are not realized in time for the moment I need it. Nevertheless I didn’t consumed my thoughts about finances for it will only distract me of what Im supposed to be doing. It will kill the joy I am feeling of serving the Lord. As long as I have money left for going home, it is surely fine with me. As I was ready to settle my thoughts that it’s not the best year to save when I received messages over phone and FB for financial support. Just when I was ready keep it low, God lifted my eyes of faith to see how He can make things happened. I never expected but all I can say was “Thank you Lord for the showers of blessing”

Sometimes when we feel we are defeated especially living in this world, when the rest of humanity rejoices in technological breakthrough, leap for joy over success of discovery – decades of experiment – applause’s mankind desire to cheat death are warriors, forerunners refueling the passion; making use of God’s armor.

It is never easy that’s why Jesus in his Words said ” … and I shall be with you to the ends of the earth”. Everyday I remind myself that Jesus Christ is walking with me.That I am never alone in this journey. Whenever I am burdened I am reminded of Matthew 11:28-30. I lift up to God everything in prayer and He does answer me – profoundly!.

Should I worry then or feel disheartened? God is always sure, His timing is perfect and truly faithful. God has showed me He is taking care of me. He told me not to worry my needs for He will provide, and for me is to only focus on what He wants me to do. God bless everyone!


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