Cutting the Ties of Darkness

drenched in blood and i could hear a loud cry
i couldnt see anything, it was pitch black
i wanted to stand and follow the sound
when i noticed, my feet are chained on the ground
where am i? what is this place
is this a dream? am just hallucinating
am i really hearing the sound?
or it was my heart beating so loud

why am i here, who brought me here?
the scenario then engulf me
am i alone, “hello anybody?”
i tried calling out
yet the more i reach out
the more i can hear someones weeping
why are you crying? i asked?
yet no one answers just the sob

how can i untangle myself from this chain
how can i manage to get out from here
wasnt i been freed from this dungeon
wasnt i been lifted out from this place
did i slip through my sleep?
fear started to crawl towards me
i know what lurks behind the darkness
eyes staring at me waiting for my defeat
waiting when i will give up
waiting when i lost all strength and lay on the ground
should i just let them be
should i just let them intimidate me
should i just allow them to strangle me
when i know i dont belong here
when i know i have what it takes to get out
not by my strength but faith in Jesus Christ

this will not deceive me
this will not weaver my commitment
i am determine even if i will cry
i am determine even if i am surrounded with strife
for God is faithful honest and true
God’s Spirit is with me He will lead me Home.


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