I Will Finish the Race

Somewhere in the middle of the race
i slowed down. I felt my knees go weak
loosing breath, a sudden paranoia
as i stopped to look around and feel what i feel
i could hear the crowd cheering
i could her the crowd pushing me to finish the game
i could her a loud push from their voices

but as i feel more weaker
i feel i am loosing strength
runners come pass by me
running their own game
as i stood there watching
the weather is good, the pavement is smooth
i am prepared for this what then is making me slow
why am i stooping just looking ahead
should i start running but i cant
am i going to stop?

sitting down on the pavement
i have come far from where i started
i am moving ahead
i know i am not running on my own
i know i am not the one in control
i am molded, created shaped by my Trainer
i am created to win not lose
but my heart is losing the spirit
looking up to heaven, asking the Father
in my lowest time in this race O God
lift me up, my strength is losing
hold tight on me, carry me
i couldn’t see my injury but its hurting me
tomorrow is yours not mine
today is for me to decide to let You move mountains barring my path
i will finish the race


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