You are my source of strength Lord
You are my rock and my fortress
You build an army for me
The Warriors in the faith
Deployed in the vastness of your creation

We are molded according to Gods reason and purpose
Our sufferings, trials, the various seasons of our life
Is orchestrated to hone us to be the person we need to be

In times of rest and camaraderie
Im blessed and joyful im sharing you all these
The gladness, the breaking and rejoicing
Are tears all worth for the Glory of His name

What better way to spend this life
A day in the sun, a week in the rain
A month in the storm
As long as God is there covering us
Joyful still marching in Jesus name

Trials may abound, but God give us each other
To be our human comfort, human refuge and strentgh
To each of you who bear God’s seal and light
A mark of a Christian, who always remind God is always there

Thank you for reminding me and pushing me
Thank you for wiping my tears away
Thank you for bringing in the sun with clouds get in the way
Thank you for sharing me your life

As I have realized, I may not always wear a smile on my face but my heart leaping with joy!


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