Just a Thought

It had never been like this, tragedy, calamity, scam and security threat all happening. Is it normal? In this day and age maybe. When other countries facing even worst. What could be worst for my country – Philippines. What is worst? To experience natural calamity, tragedy? Or when people doesnt seemed bothered at all? Have we come too far by becoming stranger even to our own situation. Just a thought…

Have you felt so drunk with the negativity of other people? Have you felt like drowning with the worlds apathy. Is there goodness left in the hearts of people. Have we succumb to being complacent and always wait for miracles. Why cant we just for once do something to things we should be responsible for. Like being a good citizen of our country. The selfishness of many in the leadership sometimes brings us to destruction. However, we clamor too much about services or the quality of our leaders. Yet we too in our own lives are reflecting the same. We cannot even clean up the very house we live in. Nor we can even follow the very simple traffic rule. We cannot even open our window whenever our neighbor is crying for help. Then we expect that our government will do a great job for a citizenry of what? When if there is a chance they will cheat on tax. When there is a chance they will and try corrupting.

Every time poverty is used for commercialization, every time tragedy is used to see the weakness of others and cover our own, every time we are faced with difficult situations is the time we remember what is due for us. Then when it is over we roll down the blinds of our eyes so not to see anything. We pretend we didn’t hear the cries of other people for help, care, love and mercy. Simply because we don’t want to give. Simply because their situation doesn’t affect us. But when calamities hit us, it levels off everyone in the society. We become at some point times like this feel the same; experience the same. So what is the point? Do we ever learn?

Sometimes it makes me sit and ponder on. Are the people watching too much drama that they think this is like the movie now unfolding?

As everyone is cleaning up the mess brought over by the flood, as others are trying to recover what is left after the loss, as some are trying to dig up what went wrong why the collision of two vessel, as officials trace where the money was spent…. as I have learn and realize of these things, what I must do?


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