The Love of God

Reflection from weeks of being under attack – flesh, emotions and intellect.

In the beginning, all that God created was good. If God created all good then why evil exist? Every thing was good until man disobeyed God. The first command of God was not to eat or touch from the tree in the middle of the garden. However, Satan deceives man.

Satan’s tools of deception remain the same today. He still goes for the weakness of man – the flesh, emotions and intellect. Every time we sin and when we know we sin we then hide from God. When Adam and Eve sin, they did not right away confess instead they hide from God. So God have to call them. God always look for us. Why? Because he created us, he cared for us. Just like you. If you are a parent you want what is best for your children. For you care and love them. God is like and more than that. If we are caught sinning, instead of owning up, we justify our sin. We make a lot of excuses, alibi and uses our “intellect” just to get away from it.

When God asked Adam he pointed to Eve then Eve pointed the serpent. Why cant we admit our own mistake. Why cant we own up to our sin. We disobeyed God. Pride teaches us to be proud. When we sin instead of admitting to correct what went wrong we even justify according to our own standard of good. Pride can make us believe we don’t sin. That is being stubborn. God only wants us to be with him in his Kingdom. Yet we don’t listen, we don’t believe his word. We don’t trust him that he can do something about our life. But God is good. He gave us the one thing that can bring us back to His Kingdom – His only begotten Son Jesus Christ.

Our salvation is faith in Jesus Christ. Satan doesn’t want us to be saved. Satan doesnt want us to know about this. But God is sovereign. He give us a gift – the promise of the Holy Spirit. We need to discern what is right and wrong that we may not fall into satans trap. That is the work of the Holy Spirit. Without the Holy Spirit in our life we could never know what truly is right from wrong. 1 Thessalonians 5:21-22 says “ but test them all; hold on to what is good, 22 reject every kind of evil. Satan can use anybody, any situation waiting for our time of weakness. Satan can tell us you are not important. But we are too important for God looked for Adam and Eve when they sinned and hid from God. Satan doesn’t want you to know that God loves you. That’s why he deceives and throws a lot of lies into the world that Jesus is not Lord. Satan deceived the world and tries many ways to discredit his Lordship. Satan doesn’t want us to read and know the bible because it records the promise of God that He will redeem Man because He loves us.

During the course of Christian history persecution abounds to those who confess and follow Jesus Christ. Bibles were burned. Christians are persecuted. But the Word still reaches to us today. We are victorious in Jesus Christ.

As we have come to know this, let be our mission to preach about Jesus Christ. The very reason he came to the world. Let us preach to others that they may also know and receive the love of God that is in Jesus Christ. Be Jesus Christ – Receive Him Today!


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