God Rebuilds!

God Rebuilds Our Ruins

I had another painful two weeks as my allergy continue. Blisters appearing everyday. I tried to refocus my thoughts so pain my not that too painful. But the pain just cannot be denied. I cant sleep well, I cant just move freely and again I have to watch my diet.

But today is another exceptional moment with God. As i was taking shower, and seeing the ruins in my skin brought by allergy, I cried and said “Lord by your mercy” then God reminded me of Nehemiah the prophet. Forget what is lost, forget what had been done. Rebuild your life. Like the Israelite s in Nehimiah’s time, God hear his prayer and rebuild the city of Jerusalem. Do i want to rebuild my life? Faced with this question, now it crushed my heart so much that its more painful than the pain i’m feeling brought by allergies. To know that God knows there is something wrong with my life. God knows my life is in ruins. To be given numerous chances of rebuilding my life and i just failed but God never gave up.

I cannot rebuild my life with only one party doing the work. I have to take my part in rebuilding. Sometimes I am blinded by the things of this world that there is nothing to rebuild in my life. I am for a moment made to believe that i dont have to work to rebuild my life. The world offers a temporary antidote to the pain, the world’s way is repainting, remodel. But the foundation is still the same where the root of the problem lies. In me, its my heart. I can tone my body, I can wear new hairdo, i can achieve that will coat my pain, the ruins in my life but the truth will always suffice because the ruins is rooted in the heart. So i need to change the foundation of my heart. I have to root in God.

To rebuild there’s an engineer, a planner an over all master for the work and that is God. Yes God rebuilds our ruined life.



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