The Laments of a Broken Heart

imagesTo walk in forbidden paths and dark clouds just surrounds the way. I may be cloth in white linen dress but it cannot hide the truth of my heart that is drenched soaked in pain. I just wonder why there are paths like this we have to walk. I have been here before and somehow i felt disoriented. Why am I here again? Recognizing the old familiar wounds of the past. Remembering what its like waiting for the sun to rise again. Feeling what its like to bathed in the rain of cleansing.

Accompanying some old familiar friends. I remember one good friend tears who always there for me. Quietly, silently with me. Quietness is deafening yet the emotions is shattering what is left of me. The soft green grass has turned into withered thorny sanctuary. This is a familiar place, where once I always ran to; like a child looking for a place of comfort. This place had been a comfort to this broken heart.

Oh way your visiting me this time? Why have you not completely deserted me pain? Why are you here tormenting me. Why do you love to see me cry. Is it because you knew its the only thing I can do? To write something about you and lament it all in words.

Are you not tired of bullying me. Coz i am tired of you lingering in my heart. No matter how you are going to torment me, inflict me with damaging emotions, I am brave enough to walk pass through this avenue of pain. I may not be able to run towards sunny boulevard but i dare my heart even if I will crawl. I dont want to be in chain with you forever. I will rise up and see the sun tomorrow and beating – living with a brand new pain free heart.

Now, breath o breath on me O God. Create in me a new heart



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