The Love that Never Fails

imagesOnce in my life you showed me your love
Then I knew your love was for good
Without asking me anything in return
You love me true even if I don’t ask you to
Your love is sweet and true
Telling me you will never let me go
I don’t listen nor believed you
So I stray and went to dark avenues
Entertaining lies of men who only want my flesh
Who wants to devour their lust and I allowed them

Can’t understand why I was lead into such deception
Why didn’t I guard my heart not to fall into the trap of temptation?
Should I mutter it now?
My mind have been corrupted into believing
True love no longer exist
And my heart is so battered I don’t believe in love anymore

Tragic moment came when I believed
the lies in this world that love is not real
that everyone is bound to be chained in pain
Love is bought with money in temporal want

But then I found you one day standing at my doorstep
looking at me – waiting
you knew just how broken I am
you knew that I am drenched in wounds of love
you knew that my heart lost everything after all the wrong love

yet you still come and wanted me
Still giving me all the love you could ever give
Still asking me to let your love be in my heart
So no more tears will fall, so no more lonely nights
No more longing but fulfilled.

Oh how you love me so much?
Why you just cared for me this much
Now hitting the wall of enough
I’m tired of going to wrong places looking for love
Why I have to be broken in order to find you?
To understand that there is only you
Whose love will never ever fail
Oh Jesus, fill me with your love
I’m such in pain over committing sin
Choosing deceitful hearts instead of you

O God your love is beyond measure and words
How could you endure the years of courting me
Wanting me to know you for real
For offering love yet I did not listen
Your patience is unfathomable
Indeed its love and I have no more words

Oh Jesus forgive me for rejecting you
Oh Jesus forgive me if I was blinded by the love of this world

After all the pain and never ending crying nights
Now I’m tired of chasing pavements
I’m tired of hunting down the road of whatever
When you have always invited me to accept your eternal love

Now that I have realized and seen the truth
I am aching now wanting more of you
I want to trade my sinful heart O God
Purify me that I may no longer bleed in pain
For I know now, I have came to know the truth
Its your love that never fails!
The kind of love that gives life
The kind of love that this world could never give



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