Because of Love

From afar, I watched as buses hurriedly pass by. Bringing people to their homes, as love ones waits for their return. Anxiousness abounds to the hearts that’s waiting; distress to the ones can’t wait to arrive. If they could only leap the distance that remains, how satisfying it would be, from years of absence and longing from the arms of the one you love. Days doesn’t matter how long have you been separated, what matters is the minutes that seemed years that finally you can touch and see their smiles again.

How time cheated on our life, living separate worlds, holding on to the promise and hope of one day we’ll be together again. Coping with what’s been lost through time because of choices we can’t choose, because of circumstances we don’t have a choice and join to the wagon towards the promise land.

Miles apart, our hearts connected in faith that one day it’s a matter of how we survive the trials and remain faithful to our selves. Stronger and more mature, we see life differently, opportunity as luck and togetherness a chance.

Pain and sorrow are no longer in our eyes. Happiness comes alive even if uncertainty awaits us of our return. Years just seem days now that were coming home, tears no longer will be my company tonight but the deafening laughter of missed family – the reason we find danger successful in the land life has no tomorrow.

“Console my heart O Lord, that I may understand; comfort me O Lord that I may be strong enough. Carry me O Lord that I may walk with them” In her heart she prays as she comes nearer. She doesn’t know what to expect from years of absence. Things aren’t the same as she recalls from the letter, so much has changed. Many things to discover in her return it’s a different battle to take. A different kind of strength for this time it’s a battle of her heart. Would there be a room for her in their life? A chance to be a mother a wife a daughter, a sister, a friend, she never thought of it until this very moment. Until she realized she’s been lost in their life. She admits they’re a stranger to her as much as she is to them. She’s like a soldier leaving with so much hope and promises until when she returned all of it is lost. Just a providence of what has been.

In her return, she whispered to her heart, she will tie the patches of their lives and make her house a home, her family together – her life complete. She’s strong enough to hold everything in her hand. Nothing can stop her, nor weaken her heart from her desire to be with them again.

She now questions the essence of life what matters most of this life. As she questions the choice she made, right or wrong one thing remained in her heart. She becomes stronger in faith, soul and character. One thing she hope that they may all understand, that her absence in their life was because of love.


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