The Butterfly and Me

Your love was just a dream
I never thought there is someone
Who could love me as me.
I never thought one day will come
To find love that was meant to be

I walked around with an empty hand
Barefoot; heart crashed
Tormented and dying
Life was then become nothing

Each night as a stare at the sky
Thinking how many should I be counting?
Till that someone will come along.
How could love be so elusive on me?
While I see others so abounding on it

Why do I have to cry?
Why does it have to rain on me?
When I’m already drowning in the river of life
Where monstrous ivory just waiting to devour me
Alone under the shelter of this tree I kept looking at the sky
Night and day, until my hope run dry

Life seem so barren so I put my heart in the box
For whatever is left, no one can touch
No one can hurt me more than I already have been
Saving for the moment someone will give life to my heart again

Never wandered my thoughts anymore
I am tired to even think
Lost hope I will ever find it
When I’m about to give up,
Walking away from the tree that shelter me
When I am about to expose myself to the venoms of life
A butterfly snatched me
I try to dish it off; I don’t have nectar to suck
But it kept coming back

As I am about to let go of life that has become meaningless
It whispers to me; hold on, I am here to stay with you
I am here to comfort and bring back the life you’ve lost
I am here to love you even if at any cost
Is that for real, as I stare and doubted the butterfly?
Why would you dare when I am nobody?
Why would you even love me when you don’t know me?
And why would I even give you a chance?
You will leave me anyway.

I have lost all the love in me
They just forget and hurt me
What has love brought to me butterfly?
But pain and tears
What have life become because of love?
When the world constantly crush you
When I was looking for comfort under the sky
I found out that love like stars it’s hard to hold in my hand

Everyone told me it’s superficial
I see the world full of pain
I felt in my body the wounds of apathy
If love can break you
Why are you here with me?
Can’t you see that I am bleeding
Can’t you see that I’m dying
Yet you are filling me up with love that is in you

I am to believe you?
Am I to believe that love is real?
Am I to stand despite I’m limb
Am I to let go and let love break me to make my heart whole?
Oh butterfly you confused me even more
Why didn’t you let me go?
Why did you show me your way
Invite me to your home
Why do I have to see your heart?
Why did you show up?
When I’m ready to die with the world

Can you stay forever? You said no
Life is revolving, life is to be lived
Is that short moment enough I said?
Why are you leaving, that was brief
Can’t you stay any longer?
I have to move on, there is more to this life, the butterfly muttered

The rain has stopped and so the butterfly left
Staring at the sky as the sun is slowly breaking in
Holding the heart in my hand reflecting what is left of me
while staring on the other hand what the butterfly has left me
Is one mustard seed of faith and her seed of love
Planted in my heart,
For whatever may come tomorrow
I will think of you butterfly
Who give me love one stormy night
Was it a dream? But dreams do come true
love may be the reason that I am broken
yet it was also love why I am saved
it may be hard yet to understand
why love is the beginning and the end

I may never know the reason why you love me butterfly
but that reason will make me realize
that in this world we don’t need too many reasons
for reason sometimes doesn’t make sense
to go beyond reasons and let love fill me over and over again


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